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The Full Story


Glamp GVL will be a "glamourous camping" property that offers unique holiday stays, community, and activities. The vision was driven by Glamp GVL's owner, Brooke, in her attempts to connect with nature for personal growth and work/life balance. She learned through her travels the value of self-care and revitalization the mind, body, and soul to improve personal and professional relationships as well as live a more fulfilled and authentic life. The travels included adventure tourism groups, yoga retreats, spiritual retreats, outdoor discovery programs, friend, family and solo trips. Each experience lead to the idea that others could also benefit from outdoor activities, a community of like minded-individuals, and a special, picturesque, comfortable place to stay when utilizing vacation, holiday, and leisure time.


Glamp GVL strives to provide a unique, welcoming environment and community with opportunities to connect with nature for personal growth, healing, and rejuvenation.



To help facilitate memorable outdoor experiences and fill hearts with happiness, truth, and radiant energy

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